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Westerham Hill will be closed from 16th – 30th December.

Below are the maps for the the diversion route and replacement bus route and links to the temporary timetables.

Message from TfL – ‘The bus diversion will not be using all of Church Hill, the bus will follow the 464 route to Ship Hill then go along Tatsfield Approach Road to Clarks Lane. I hope that alleviates any concerns the residents have.’

Thames Water Claim forms are available for personal and loss of Business Profits – see link below.

Temporary Bus route

246 Temp Mon-Fri 16-12-2023

246 Temp Sat 16-12-2023

246 Temp Sun 16-12-2023

246 Timetable Codes

Thames Water Claims Form

Thames Water claim form for loss of Business Profits


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