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We’re sorry – but despite the strong objections raised by your Council, by Westerham Town Partnership and others – Sevenoaks District Council decided in their meeting on 7 July to raise car parking charges both for on-street parking and car parks.

We recognise that, like the whole of local government, Sevenoaks  needs to increase its income if it to continue to provide services to its residents and that some increase in charges was to be expected following a period of no increase and indeed of no charges at all during the pandemic charges

However, we argued that increases of 33% and upwards were excessive for a town largely dependent on visitors, and with no regular public transport links.  We cited the likely adverse effect on our businesses and retailers just at the time when our economy is emerging from the pandemic, and the deterrent effect the imposition of charges could have.  We especially objected to the removal of the three-hour free parking in the Darent Car Park and the increases in residents’ permits for those who have no option but to park on the street.

Our objections, the Town Partnership’s objections and others’ objections were all in vain and the new charges are to come into effect from 1 August.  We have posted details of the new charges which apply to Westerham on the Town Council’s website, and have asked SDC to provide information on car park use and parking receipts both before and after the change so that we can see the effect of these increases.

We expect that Sevenoaks District Council will also publicise these increases.     SDC off -street parking fees and charges 2022

Please follow the link to Westerham Town Council’s response to the SDC Parking Consultation WTC response to SDC Parking Consultation

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