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The Town Council is as appalled and surprised as our residents to hear over the weekend that the school bus services TW4 and S1 serving schools Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks were to cease.  We had had no indication of this: we were consulted in February about the effect of KCC’s proposed decrease in bus subsidies – but these two services were not mentioned.  If there were discussions between KCC and Go-coach, we were not included.

We know how much upset, concern and uncertainly this is causing to parents whose children depend on these services. We have seen email exchanges which purport to explain the situation.  None of these describes how the situation is to be resolved.  We know that the announcement has also caused consternation in Sevenoaks District Council, and with our MP.  We have registered our dismay with our County Councillor, with the Leader of Kent County Council, with the Chairman of KCC’s Environment and Transport Committee with our MP and with Sevenoaks District Council.  Between them and bus operators there must be a solution to be found.  Our influence in these matters may not be great, but what we have we will use.

See the full text of our letter here Removal of bus services letter  

and the link to Kent County Councillors here should you wish to contact them directly  https://democracy.kent.gov.uk/mgCommitteeMailingList.aspx?ID=831

and David Brazier who is the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport  david.brazier@kent.gov.uk

and Roger Gough, Leader of Kent County Council roger.gough@kent.gov.uk



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