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Completion date: April 2022

It has been a source of great satisfaction that the long campaigned-for 20mph speed limit on the A25 though the town has been introduced.  Stretching from Vicarage Hill in the east to beyond Verralls Corner in the west and encompassing the roads which feed into it – notably parts of London Road and Croydon Road – this is proving to be an effective means of slowing through traffic.  Taken together with the one-way system round The Green, the schemes are starting to calm and control the traffic at a speed which is acceptable and practical for the town and improve the quality of life for residents.

Your Council is not so naïve as to think that all traffic will immediately obey the new restrictions, so it is reviewing, together with Kent County Council, their effectiveness to see if any additional measures are needed.  It is also planning to restart Speedwatch – suspended during the pandemic.

Thanks go to County Councillor Nick Chard, whose Members’ Fund made these changes possible.

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