A parish council serving a town may be called a town council and a parish council serving a city is styled a city council; these bodies have the same powers, duties and status as a parish council. Westerham Town Council is the lowest tier of local government and operates at a level lower than County and District Councils.

Sevenoaks District Council

Sevenoaks District Council (SDC) is responsible for services across the district like:

Council Tax collections – Housing -Planning applications- Rubbish collection – Recycling

For more information go to SDC’s Website

Kent County Council

Kent County Council (KCC) is responsible for services across the whole of a county, like:

Education – Community Warden Service – Fire and public safety – Highways – Libraries -Planning – Social care – Trading standards – Transport -Waste management

Steve Grange KCC Community Warden Steve Grange, KCC Community Warden For Westerham.

For more information go to KCC’s Website