The Town Council’s Role

As the level of local government closest to those who live and work in the town and its surrounding areas, the Town Council strives to  improve the quality of life in the area; it provides  important services within the community and represents the views of local people to District and County Councils and our local MP.  Westerham Town Council is the lowest tier of local government and operates at a level lower than County and District Councils.

The job of the Town Council is to look after the interests of the whole community of Westerham.  This is fulfilled by the Councillors individually and collectively, assisted by the Town Clerk, Responsible Finance Officer, Deputy Clerk and Assistant Clerk.

The Town Council has a direct responsibility for The Green; for the three allotments; for King George’s Field and Crockham Hill Playing Field and Garden and the majority of Street Lights in Westerham.  Most of the other services affecting Westerham are carried out by Sevenoaks District Council or Kent County Council and other agencies such as the Police, West Kent and Moat Housing.

Westerham Town Council (WTC) is consulted on all planning applications affecting its area and it works with Kent Highway Services on matters affecting roads and pavements in the Town.  Crockham Hill War Memorial Playing Field is administered by a Trust funded by WTC.  In addition WTC councillors are representatives on a significant number of outside bodies, e.g. Action With Communities in Rural Kent, the Westerham Town Partnership and Business Forum, and the Kent Association of Local Councils.

Shaping our Future – Strategy for 2019-2023

WTC Strategy 2019 – 2023

Communication and Engagement Strategy 2019-2023

The Council is committed to Communicating and engaging with all communities in Westerham and Crockham Hill. To taking their views into account and working with them in a collaborative way for the benefit of Westerham. This strategy sets the context for and guides all of Council’s communication and engagement activities with those who come into contact with it. Click on the link for details WTC Communication and Community Engagement Strategy

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The committee titles indicate the breadth of work for which the Council is responsible. There are five Committees which meet five/six times a year:

  1. Allotments, Playing Fields and Open Spaces Committee
  2. Finance and General Purposes Committee
  3. Highways and Lighting Committee
  4. Planning and Development Committee
  5. Youth and Community

Members of the public are very welcome to attend these meetings. The first ten minutes of every meeting are available for members of the public to raise any issues with Councillors.  All meetings start at 7.30 pm – except Planning which is held at 9.30 am, in the Town Council Chamber in Russell House.

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The Council meets six times each year; additionally it holds an Annual Town Meeting between the 1st March – 1st June, at which it reports to the community on its activities in the preceding year.  Each of the five committees also meet five/six times a year.

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Westerham Town Council must operate a system of internal control appropriate to its expenditure and activities.

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Your Councillors

13 volunteer Councillors are elected every 4 years, 10 represent Westerham, 3 represent Crockham Hill.  All of them can be contacted through the Westerham Town Council Office.  The current Chairman is Alan Wesley and the Vice- Chair is Helen Ogden.  Local council elections took place in May 2015.  The councillors work through 5 committees to carry out its responsibilities: the Allotments, Playing Fields and Open Spaces Committee, the Finance and General Purposes Committee, the Highways and Lighting Committee, the Planning and Development Committee and the Youth and Community Committee.

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Council Staff

Westerham Town Council employs 5 part time staff,  4 based at the Council Offices, Russell House to help support the Councillors in their roles.

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Completed Projects

Many of our projects involve persuading other authorities to carry out work for the benefit of Westerham, in the past we have achieved:

  • Alterations to Quebec Square following accidents in this area
  • New Jubilee notice board on The Green
  • Taking over grass cutting from Sevenoaks District Council
  • Taking over responsibility for the public toilets on Fullers Hill from Sevenoaks District Council
  • Fitting of a Defibrillator into former BT telephone Kiosk on High Street

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Westerham Town Partnership (WTP)

The Council also supports the Westerham Town Partnership (WTP) by collaborating on various issues and projects within the community. The WTP is run by a group of volunteers who support, communicate and provide a forum, for those interested in promoting the economic and social well being of the community. It organises or supports many events and initiatives in the town.

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