Westerham Town Council CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy)

Posted on Feb 9, 2018

Westerham Town Council has now received from Sevenoaks District Council the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money arising from the developments on Canville Rise, off London Road, and in Croft Road. This payment amounts to £157,411.56.
There are very strict legal restrictions on the types of projects on which CIL money can be spent. However the Council is pleased to say that several of the projects identified by residents in the major consultation held in 2016 can be paid for with the help of CIL money.

Mobile CCTV: with the current – and sadly recurring – episodes of vandalism, your Council has bought a mobile CCTV unit. Able to be moved to different locations in the town, we hope that this will deter those intent on causing damage, or if they persist, we will be able to identify them.

Fullers Hill public toilets: on two occasions residents have been asked whether these are essential facilities for the town and on both occasions the answer has been a resounding ‘yes’. So work will soon be going ahead to replace the current toilets.

Parking: Costells Meadow car park and additional spaces in Madan and Hartley roads.
The Council is funding the design work for this project. The construction work needed to provide the extra spaces should be funded through CIL.

Once we have full costings of these projects – we’ll be able to see what else our CIL money might fund.