Town Meeting – A Bypass for Westerham? – Update

Posted on Feb 26, 2016

As promised at the Town Meeting held last night, Thursday 25th February 2016, here are the presenters bullet points, the handout, “Pros and Cons of a Bypass” given out at the meeting and a catalogue of the main queries and comments at the three drop in sessions held prior to the Town Meeting.  

Presentation A: Westerham Town Council – Alan Wesley

Presentation B: A Residents Association – Peter Cashmore

Presentation C: Squerrys Estate – Henry Warde

Pros And Cons Of A Bypass: Squerrys Estate – Henry Warde – Handout at Town Meeting

Presentation D – Duncan Hughes – Buckham Thorns Road

Presentation E: Westerham Town Partnership – Jane Hunter

Queries and comments at drop in sessions

Note of Town Meeting

If you would like to forward your views on a Bypass for Westerham please do so in writing to Westerham Town Council,  or via email to