Sevenoaks District Council – new Local Plan – Last chance to comment

Posted on Jan 3, 2019

Have your final say on the new Local Plan from SDC, with proposals for new homes, employment and infrastructure improvement, before it’s submitted to the Planning Inspector for approval.

Comment at  from 18th December to 3rd February 2019.

Final chance to give your views on Sevenoaks District draft Local Plan

The Local Plan, which will determine where development will take place across the district up to 2035 is at its final draft stage, and now is your last chance to make your voice heard on its contents.

What does it say about Westerham?

  • It does NOT include the Which Way Westerham proposals.
  • Any housing development should focus on the existing urban area, avoid any areas liable to flooding and harm the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • The sites between Granville Road and Farley Croft and at Currant Hill Allotments could be developed (the latter site is in the current Local Plan)
  • The Westerham Trading Centre should be kept as one of the District’s key employment sites

Are the Green Belt and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty protected?

  • Yes: the AONB which washes over Westerham will be given ‘the highest status of protection and will be ‘conserved and enhanced’
  • Yes, the District’s Green Belt continues to meet the purposes for which the Green Belt is intended and development will ONLY be allowed where ‘exceptional circumstances are clearly demonstrated.

I’ve already given my views to SDC.  You don’t mean I’ve got to do it all again???

  • This time, the draft plan and all comments will be sent to the Planning Inspector who will make the final decision on whether the Plan is sound and can be adopted
  • The Inspector will hold a public examination of the plan and will decide who will be able to speak
  • Any developer who has had their proposals left out of the plan will be able to ask to appear and argue their case for inclusion.
  • So it’s important that the community’s views are also heard – and that means you…..

What do I need to do?

  • If you have already commented on the Local Plan, you should have received an email from SDC explaining how you can make our views known.
  • But in any event, full details of the final draft and how to comment are at

What is the Council doing?

  • Your Council will be supporting the draft Local Plan – but first will be taking professional advice to make sure that its comments are comprehensive and appropriate. It will be posted on the Council’s website and signposted on Facebook .
  • It is reopening its Information Room at the Council Offices where a complete set of information will be available, together with details on how to comment.

You have until 3 February to make your view known – please make sure you do!