‘Open for business again!’

Posted on Jun 29, 2020

We knew the time would come, we just weren’t sure when it would be.

Now, as we take cautious steps out of lockdown, we want to thank those who stayed open throughout – our food shops and all the essential services which kept our world running. We want to welcome back those shops which are opening up again and in a way which keeps us, and them, safe. We look forward to seeing our pubs, restaurants and cafes open this coming weekend, with the many changes they have needed to make.

Let’s all support our local businesses and make Westerham the vibrant place we all want it to be. Let’s be safe as we do so: keep our distance, take care of our health and especially that of others. Let’s make Westerham a safe place to live, visit and work.

Councillors and Staff of Westerham Town Council

Westerham - Open for business