Make your view known! / Correction to presentation/Housing consultation – Government White Paper

Posted on Sep 28, 2017

Remember ‘Your view is important’ – clarification to the figures given during the Public Meeting on 13th September – Government White Paper

Make your view known to both Sevenoaks District Council and to Westerham Town Council, both of whom really want to know what you think about the first ideas for the Local Plan – including Squerryes proposals for Which Way Westerham. We understand that it’s not easy to give a view when the proposals are at such an early stage, but please respond to both surveys.

Whatever your view, it will be taken into account by SDC as they progress to the stage of the Local Plan, and by the Town Council in representing your views.

So please, give your view, pop it into the envelope provided and return the Sevenoaks survey by 5 October and the Town Council one by 20th October.

If by any chance you haven’t received your survey, then please contact the Council Office on 01959 562147 or email

or vote using this link to our survey online

Remember ‘Your view is important’

We have been asked to clarify the various figures given during the Public Meeting on 13th September and which appear in the slides used that evening:

12,400: is the Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) for housing for the whole of the Sevenoaks District for the period 2015 – 2035.
As explained in SDC’s publication ‘In Shape’ (special edition 103), this is not a target.

474: is the estimated number of households in the Upper Darent Corridor (Westerham, Brasted, Sundridge and Chevening) who were, at the time of SDC’s Housing Needs Analysis (May 2017), considered for various reasons, to be in housing need.

76: is the number of homes in Westerham which have either been completed since 2015, or for which planning permission has already been given.

32: is the number of homes which SDC estimates could be realised in Westerham by increasing the density on developable sites within the town.

48: is the number of homes which SDC estimates could be built on brownfield land within Westerham

These last three figures are contained in SDC’s Issues and Options consultation.

As we emphasised at the meeting, while the work, analyses and reports forming the evidence for the Local Plan are still in progress, all of these figures are provisional and could well change before the draft Local Plan is published in Spring 2018 

If you have further queries, do please visit the Information Room in the Council Offices, or call us on 01959 562147.

Housing consultation

‘ You may have seen press reports about increasing targets for housing as a result of new government plans for calculating housing need.  The situation is indeed that the Government have published a White (consultative) Paper “Planning for the right homes in the right places”.  It proposes a standard method of calculating housing need, which if applied to Sevenoaks District could indeed result in an increase.

However, this is a consultative document, which your Council is studying and to which it will respond, along with Sevenoaks District Council, and the Local and National Associations of Local Councils. The consultation is open until 9 November and we will keep you informed of the conclusions we reach.

We also need to remember that housing need is not a target:  the target is set by the District Council after it has considered what it can sustainable deliver’

But above all PLEASE MAKE YOUR VIEW KNOWN in both SDC’s and the TOWN COUNCIL’s surveys. 

Thank you