Major Planning issues – update

Posted on Sep 9, 2019

Last month we gave the latest information we then had on the situation on the three big planning issues affecting Westerham – Moorhouse, Covers Farm and Sevenoaks Local Plan. And we promised to keep you informed.

So here’s a quick update on progress since then:

Moorhouse: WTC is objecting to Tandridge District’s draft Local Plan which proposes to remove the Moorhouse site from the Green Belt. The Planning Inspector has agreed that WTC can present its case to the hearing and this is currently scheduled for Thursday 10th October.

Covers Farm: no further news: KCC are still waiting for further information from the Applicant (Squerryes). We have been asked what happens after 31 October which is the deadline for completion of the restoration under the current planning permission. We understand that a further extension may be applied for.

Sevenoaks District Local Plan: As reported last month, the Public Examination of the Plan is due to start on September 24th. As WTC supports the Plan it is not able to speak at the hearing but it will be present at all the sessions when matters concerning Westerham will be heard.

As these issues progress, we will continue to Keep You Informed.

Helen Ogden – Chairman


Keeping you informed