Keeping you informed

Posted on Feb 9, 2018

Along with other members of our community, many of Westerham’s Town Councillors viewed the ‘Which Way Westerham – the emerging masterplan’ exhibition on 26 – 27 January.

The exhibition provided a little more detail on that published last year but the evidence on which many of the statements were based was not clear. In particular, the financing of the plan, its dependence on the restoration of Covers Farm and the involvement apparently needed from other organisations were not clear. The Council will be seeking much greater clarity on the plan.

While it continues to investigate these issues, Westerham residents can be assured that its Council will continue to represent their views, expressed in last October’s survey, when 86% of the 700+ households who responded, opposed the WWW concept, a response rate and result which was echoed in the wider survey conducted by SDC.

The Council encourages all those in Westerham to find out as much as they can about Squerryes’ proposal, so that when they are asked again for their views – as they will be when the detailed masterplan is submitted to SDC and/or when the draft local plan is issued by SDC they are confident in expressing their opinion.

For its part, the Council plans to hold further public meetings when it has answers to some of the questions raised above. Certainly this will be a key topic at the Annual Town Meeting to be held on 18 April at 7.30pm in Westerham Hall when our District and County Councillors will be attending.

Your Council is pledged to Keep You Informed.