‘KCC Highways make clear their view on proposed by-pass’

Posted on Mar 12, 2018

In response to queries from your Town Council, KCC Highways have issued the following statement:

The provision of a relief road/bypass for Westerham could be acceptable, in principle, by KCC Kent County Council Highways if such a road would lead to a reduction in traffic impact on local roads. We note the initial feasibility work done to date which includes traffic surveys, speed surveys and junction modelling, however there is still more work to be done. The proposed relief road/bypass cannot be considered in isolation as it is inextricably linked with the restoration of Covers Farm and the proposal to build some 600 residential properties.

 In the absence of a comprehensive and detailed outline submission, Kent County Council cannot give their support for such a relief road/bypass in Westerham.

The Town Council is pleased to note that KCC have now clearly acknowledged the inextricable link between the restoration of Covers Farm sandpit, the WWW proposals for the building of 600 houses and a by-pass.  It is now pressing Sevenoaks District Council, who would take the planning decision on whether a by-pass should be built on the Green Belt to take heed of this view in the development of their Local Plan.’