David Le Breton

David is a retired civil servant who served chiefly overseas and lived in Westerham first in 1963. After a period in Sevenoaks, he bought his house outside Westerham in 1974, and has now lived there since 1984. He now has a retirement job in Tonbridge. He joined the Council in 1991 and was the Chairman from 1995 until 2000. He has always served on the Planning Committee and at different times on most of the other Committees, presently Highways and Lighting. From 1991 until 1995, he was a member of Sevenoaks District Council. He has been a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. His interests include safeguarding the environment and protecting the local countryside. He is married, with family.


Committee Membership

David currently sits on the Highways and Lighting Committee and Planning and Development Committee.



David Le Breton – Non Pecuniary Interests

David Le Breton – Pecuniary Interests


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