The job of the Town Council is to look after the interests of the whole community of Westerham.  This is fulfilled by the Councillors individually and collectively, assisted by the Town Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Assistant Clerk.

The Annual Report aims to outline and review the key events the Council has been involved with during the year. It is presented to members of the public in April at the Annual Town Meeting.

Westerham Town Council provides and maintains a range of important community assets. These are listed below.

Allotment Sites: Bloomfield, Currant Hill and Farley

For more information on Allotments or to rent one click here 

Amenity land:  Granville Road

Christmas lights:  put up annual in the Town Centre

Common land: The Green

Gardens: Crockham Hill Village Gardens and Russell House Gardens

Litter bins: in the Gardens (see above) and on King George’s Field

Play areas:  on King George’s field

Public Toilets: On Fullers Hill, Westerham

Recreation Grounds: the King George’s Playing Field

Benches: in Westerham and Crockham Hill

Skate Park : on King George’s Field

Streetlights: 173 in Westerham

Tennis courts: King George’s Field

Youth Club: Westerham Youth Club

WTC is consulted on all planning applications affecting its area and it works with Kent Highway Services on matters affecting roads and pavements in the Town. Crockham Hill War Memorial Playing Field is administered by a Trust funded by WTC. In addition WTC councillors are representatives on a significant number of outside bodies, e.g. Action With Communities in Rural Kent, the Westerham Town Partnership and Business Forum, and the Kent Association of Local Councils.


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