Crockham Hill Playing Field Car Park Consultation

Posted on Jan 26, 2017

In November 2016 The Town Council undertook a consultation regarding requests that we had received to create a car park at Crockham Hill Playing Field. Sports users need to host visiting teams and there is insufficient parking, particularly during the winter months when it is too wet to enable parking on the field itself. Parking in the road has caused obstruction of Dairy Lane, which is of concern to many residents.

We consulted residents through a pull out questionnaire in the village newsletter to find out views before any decisions were made. All of the responses received were in favour of the proposal, with over half being strongly in support.  In view of this, the decision has been taken to proceed with the proposal to the feasibility stage, drawing up detailed plans in order to apply for permission from Fields In Trust (who own the site) and the planning permission needed from Sevenoaks District Council.

We will keep residents informed of progress over the coming months. If you have any queries please contact Westerham Town Council Office on 01959 562147 or email


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